LT is a campus initiative for young people, which one of the main goals – to help young people. One way to help is to respond to their concerns. Our consultants are competent in a particular field of specialization, agree to advise on certain issues of concern to young people.

We hope that in the future you can see in a number of his way of life has found a team of people who will agree to help those who are just looking for a way ;)

If you are a psychologist, artist, entrepreneur, trainer, accountant, lawyer or other professional and want to contribute to the well-being of young people in Lithuania you are welcome to join the initiatives:

Organizations for social and psychological help

Help by phone

Help by mail

  • Suicide prevention service “Don’t be afraid to talk”

Lithuanian websites

  • Anoniminiai Alkoholikai (AA)
  • Narkomanai Anonimai (NA)
  • Al- Anon Lietuvoje
  • Jaunimo psichologinės paramos centras
  • Krizių įveikimo centras
  • Dvasinės pagalbos jaunimui centras
  • Lietuvos telefoninių psichologinės pagalbos tarnybų asociacija
  • „Vaikų linija“
  • Jaunimo psichologinės paramos centro skaitykla

Foreign websites

  • Samaritans
  • Befrienders Worldwide
  • Youthhealthtalk