About us

First of all, LT campus was born out of the desire to help young people in Lithuania. We wanted to create a place where to go in case of emergency or just looking for answers to their questions. We are constantly expanding our team of professionals, determined to help find solutions and help.

Also, we are for active and healthy lifestyle. We strive to inform, motivate, inspire and encourage other young people to act. We hope that LT campus will be a place for young people who are looking for wholesome entertainment.

Finally, we know that together, we can always do more! Lithuanians often fell powerless and just mumble about something they fell is not fair. LT Campus is an initiative for young people, which aims to help unite and express their position on issues of concern to them and to be active members of society. We want to give young people the opportunity to engage in projects to protect their interests, to organize wide range of activities and find other young people who want to contribute.